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At Melenzane S.A. we think and feel that we must build trust in the community where we do business and set purposes for the common good. At the same time, we continue working to make a more profitable company.

We have combined society growth goals and our commitment to a sustainable development and the preservation of our environment. We are convinced that the company future model must balance their traditional objectives and the need to responsibly contribute to a more respectful society.

During the latest years we have promoted real actions in the areas of culture, work and preservation of our environment, helping to the development of those unfavored groups and even of our own collaborators, building consciousness about a more respectful energy consumption and waste treatment.

We are convinced that we are on the right and unavoidable way, and that the participation from the whole organization will help us to achieve relevant goals in the medium and long term.


Melenzane and the environment

At Melenzane we work to create the strategies necessary to prevent and minimize the impacts and risks suffered by humanity and the environment, guaranteing the protection of the environment at the place where we may be working through the optimization in the use of natural resources, raw materials and energy, preventing and minimizing contamination, waste and environmental impacts, adopting clean and practical technologies for continuous improvement.

We know and fulfill the environmental regulations in force and will incorporate test and improvement programs for the environment tending to fulfill the regulations into our strategic plan or planning exercise.

Efficient use of resources: Melenzane considers the efficient use of energy and other supplies, the sustainable use of renewable resources and the minimization of adverse environmental impacts.



Melenzane and Culture

Melenzane is willing to contribute to the Argentine culture, focusing on new generations.

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